Knowledge Base - GDPR & Privacy

  1. You should read the organisation’s privacy policy. It is there for your information and protection.
  2. The following is all we will expose to public viewing;
  3. your first name,
  4. your dog(s)’ name
  5. your bib number
  6. your points scored in any classification.
  7. We will need (in order for us to calculate your age grade points), the following;
  8. your name,
  9. your age as at the first day of the season
  10. your gender,
  11. your dog(s)’ name–
  12. Age and gender will not be published.
  13. We will receive your email address as part of your result submission. We will retain your email details until the start of the league next year as you will (hopefully) want to sign up for this.
  14. We have a private facebook group in order to facilitate feedback and private Strava group to research points calculations internal research and development, Strava and Facebook are subject to their own policies that are beyond our control.


Created : 2021-01-19 19:40:51, Last Modified : 2021-09-02 17:03:43