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So we have discussed how league points awarded for a run are used to score in multiple league tables. But if you have already run a max score for a month then running your favourite distance again is a bit pointless right ?... Wrong ! This is where virtual racing comes in.
When you submit a run you are awarded 2 types of points. 1) League points that are used in the full league, and 2) Race points which are used in the rec league and the virtual race series.
Race points are a little different from league points as they are made up of performance, distance, and altitude aspects of your run. (The full league looks at these aspects separately and differently). Race points however are a composite number. Think of it as an all in one bundle. We use race points in a few ways.
Firstly we put them into the rec league table. We have to making a distinguishing statement here. The rec league is a fun league and viewed as not really competitive, (I know many will argue the point, but it really is about recording and benchmarking training runs). We also use race points to help us calculate your points score in our virtual race series.
The virtual race series is a set of virtual races. There are 12 races (one held each month), and 'hosted' in different countries. Points are scored by the amount of distance completed and your average virtual race points over the course.
Race distances vary generally from 90Km to 150Km.


There are a few virtual races that do not attract race points as they have slightly different targets and challenges.These do not constitute part of the Virtual Race Series
NANSEN DASH - This is a team event (the whole league) the challenge is to reach the North Pole starting from Vardo in Norway. All the leagues run distances are added together and race against Nansen and his Sled Dog Team (who failed to reach the pole in his 50 attempt), and a Ghost of the record holding team (Currently the 2021 league team). The Dash is considered a failure if the team does not reach the North Pole in 50 Days (Nansen's attempt time). The Dash starts on November the 1st of each year
LEJOG - All your running distances over the year and the target is to successfully run during the season Jan to Dec from Lands End to John O'Groats.
CROSS CONTINENTAL CANICLIMB - This event adds up all the elevation gain you accumulate over the year and superimposes them on mountains around the world. There is no limit / end to the race during the year as we will keep adding more peaks on to the raceas they are completed. 100 points are awarded for each peak completed, a pro-rata points total is awarded for the proportion of any peak where the racers have yet to reach the summit.


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