Knowledge Base - Tutorial 4 - Off-Season & Hexathlon


So in the last 3 sections we have talked about the foundation distance zone leagues, the special zones (Endurance and MoM), and lastly classification leagues (GC, Sprint, Middle Distance and Long Distance). Now we are going to look at the final parts of the league season. That is Off-season and Hexathlon.
Off season
The off season was devised to mitigate mitigate full league scoring for Nordic & Polar breeds during the warmer summer months. Rather than simply resting everyone for the summer, the Off season was created for lighter training for those breeds who could tolerate warmer workouts.Points are still as per the zones an co-efficients, just we put them all into a monthly pot. The idea is not toencourage competitors not to overwork their dogs and make shorter distances a little more attractive when its hot. So a 5Km run in the off season still attracts the same points as a Zone 5 run, its just that it goes into a single monthly scoring pot (or postbox). Off season rankings are calculated by the avareage of the 4 monthly scores. Each monthly score is the same as zones i.e. takes the best run score over each month.
Because we have competitors in different global hemispheres and therefore seasons timings for the off season are different. In the northern Hemisphere the full-season is divided into 2 parts (Jan-Apr & Sep-Dec) with the off-season as a single block (May-Aug). In the southern hemisphere it's the opposite, the off-season is divided into 2 parts (Jan-Feb & Nov-Dec) with the full-season as a single block (Mar-Oct). It also means the the September knockout (discussed later) is held in the full-season irrespective of location.
This classification takes 6 aspects and scores of the year and attempts to find the all-rounder rankings. The classification is comprised of, Sprint, Middle Distance, Long Distance, Endurance, MoM, and Off Season scores from their respective tables. Ranking is based on combined average season points from each of the classification tables.
Next time we will discuss Virtual Races


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