Knowledge Base - Tutorial 2 - Endurance and MoM

Other Special Foundation Tables (Endurance and MoM)

So last time we talked about Zones, and that zones make up the foundation of other league tables (which we will discuss in Tutorial 3. However there are 2 other special Zones that we didnt discuss. Endurance and MoM.
1) Endurance in the 2021 Season Endurance had a special calculation and ran from 5Km up to 15Km.This year 2022, sees Endurance as a distance Zone in it's own right from 10.5Km up to half Marathon distance. Any run exceeding Half Marathon will be truncated and points awarded based on the first 21.095Km, which is the limit for the league. Zone E, as we call it, is a classification in its own right and does not contribute to the General Classification (GC). The same principle for the table exists, which is the best points score in each month of the full season (months 1-4 & 9-12). Endurance points contribute as a discipline in the Hexathlon, which we will discuss in a future tutorial.
2) MoM - Monarch of the Mountains. - The MoM competition has changed a little this season. So for 2022, climbing points are awarded for any elevation gain (Ascent) from Zone 1 up to and including Endurance distance. So there is virtually no lower limit... well 1Km. The method of calculation remains, the same that is, - points are calculated as a function of performance and gradient. Gradient is calculated as distance vs. nett elevation gain (we ignore descent). Points for MoM are less than conventional points (as always) simply due to GPS devices varying in accuracy for elevation.
So in summary all leagues (except recreation league), are based on one or more of Zones 1-10, Endurance, MoM


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