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  • Points and Zones

Firstly you don’t need to overthink the 2022 league, just run to your strengths or training schedule. There are no mandatories any more, no discards. Just run with your dog. There is simply the usual limit of one reckon able run per day.
You will see that we post your result in this format (example… Z5 / 76.44 / 857.45)
The Z5 refers to the distance zone you have run in (in this example Zone 5 or 5KM nominal). You don't have to run an exact distance Synaptic will automatically place your run in the correct zone. You could run 4.53KM and it would still be in Zone 5, it doesn't matter as points are (as usual) calculated for the exact distance you run.
There are 10 distance zones from 1 to 10 (1-10KM), anything over 10.5 KM is classified as an endurance run and has its own separate league table. We'll talk about that in another tutorial.
The middle number is a race score (in this example 76.44). Race points are used to calculate your virtual race scores and have nothing to do with normal league table except they are put in an unimportant recreation table for fun. Race points are slightly different from league points as they are a composite representation of performance, distance, and climbing. This month's virtual race is the West Highland Way. We'll talk about virtual races in another day.
The last number (in our example 857.45) is used for your full league tables. This is reflective of you and your dog(s) performance only.
So let’s talk more about zones… Zones are the foundation of the full league tables. Each time Synaptic accepts your run it puts the information into the relevant distance Zone. Think of it as a post box. You will see that each Zone has it’s own league table. So each zone is actually a little competition in itself. You will see that each zone table has a place to score points in. Months 1-4 and months 9-12. This corresponds to our traditional season. So as you run Synaptic will update the table with your BEST score for each month using league points.
So over the season you will populate as much or as little of the zone tables as you wish. You are ranked in each zone table by the AVERAGE of your best posted scores over the season. So there are 10 zones to have a go at being a champion at !
I will post the next tutorial tomorrow. This is not as complicated as you think. If you can grab the concept of Zones being like post boxes and your score going into the relevant post box it will click into place pretty quickly.


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