Knowledge Base - Limits of Submissions

A competitor may only submit one of any type of activity in a single calendar day. For example...


Competitor A submitted for the 9th of April 1 x Canicross at 5Km, 1 x Bikejor at 3.8Km, and 1 x Canitrek at 7Km. - Thy were all accepted by the league because it was 1 of a different type of activity.

Competitor B submitted for the 9th of April 2 x Canicross runs at 3Km and at 5Km - The second run was rejected because it was the same type activity.


Note where 2 of the same type of activities are submitted, the league is obligates the first activity event in chronological order.


Created : 2022-02-08 07:53:14, Last Modified : 2022-02-08 07:53:14