Knowledge Base - Result Submissions

  1. The preferable format of a submission is using the Strava Auto Download system. - Pease refer to this in its own section of this Knowledge Base
  2. A submission can be in the form of an email to for season and off season league.
  3. You may, (if you so wish) make your submission on the official league facebook group in the form of a post. However, please bear in mind that this reveals a course that may be a regular training route. Your safety is paramount, so if in doubt email to
  4. The submission should include your
    1. Bib number
    2. A screenshot of evidence.
  5. Evidence should include your Bib Number,  ELAPSED TIME, distance, and optionally elevation gain (if you want to claim climbing points). 
  6. Competitors should remember the an acronym 'SEND'


Created : 2021-01-19 20:44:48, Last Modified : 2022-02-08 06:07:48