Knowledge Base - Scoring Points

  1. Each human/dog(s) team scores points by completing a virtual race
  2. Result submissions
    1. Races are required to be recorded on an app such as, (but not limited to) Strava, for submission to the trial organisers. The app must show distance and ELAPSED time and, optionally, elevation gain (in order to score climbing points).
    2. All points may be either rounded to a whole number based in Excel or an integer function in some calculations which rounds down to a whole number in some instances
  3. The league will be ranked in the following classifications order of average points to date for General Classification.
    1. General Individual Classification (Ranked by average score)
    2. MoM (Monarch of the Mountains) – This is a more complicated calculation where the raced elevation gradient gain x WAVA score are converted in to points. If you declare an elevation gain in your race submission then you score points if you run 3km(-5%) or more. The steeper the climb the more points you score, though the slower you will run (in theory), which could lower your climbing points. Actual distances of 3Km and above only count towards climbing points. This is a difficult category.
    3. Sprint Classification – Any submission of an actual distance of 1-1.8Km scores sprint points. Sprint points are calculated by the same methodology as the General Classification.
    4. Endurance Classification – These points are scored from 3mi (-5%) upwards. The score is a function of points and distance. If distances are run more than 15Km (Nominal) then the distance is capped at 15km. e.g. If you run 21.1Km you still only score points covering 15Km. This prevents dogs being over stretched in the pursuit of points. Note that distances in excess of 23.2Km are permitted to be recorded as ‘moving time.’
    5. Hexathlon - A series of 6 Events comprised of the 4 statutory fixed distances a climbing event at a distance in either Zone B or C and an endurance event from either duistance zones D or E
  4. At the end of the season any incomplete virtual races will be scored as zero points. This would of course reduce the average points score.
  5. In the Hexathlon not completing all 6 events voids a competition score entirely.


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