Knowledge Base - Introductory Pre-amble

  1. League Canicross is designed to provide a framework and format for competitors to compete in a virtual manner safely, and enjoy the friendly competition observing a spirit of goods sportsmanship. We know its not the same as a real event and meeting up with fellow people who love the sport. But, perhaps this may be the next best thing ?.
  2. The league generates a modest amount of revenue whose proceeds are managed by our not for profit organisation. All proceeds are either donated to an appropriate charity, or ploughed back into the sport to promote growth of Canicross at grass roots level.
  3. The corner foundations of the league is of course good sportsmanship, canine welfare, and enjoyment of the sport we love so much. With this in mind the league is a points based format with WAVA age graded corrections, this makes it a level playing field and negates differences in performance according to age and gender. Naturally, we can’t compensate for the different abilities of our dogs, but since we are all the slower part of our team, physics will probably be the factor of difference.
  4. The league is not affiliated with any organisation, we may refer to organisations such as The BSSF (British Sled Dog Sports Federation) etc., however, we are not affiliated with this or any other organising body.


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