Knowledge Base - Course Terrain

  1. League Canicross by definition is an off-road sport and the topic of terrain is subjective, however multi-terrain is acceptable. That is if you do a run with a ‘reasonable’ mix and ratio of grass, track or trail to asphalt/concrete then that is acceptable.
  2. This is a reason the sport format includes multiple distances to encourage variety of courses.
  3. Remember that Canicross is a shortened form of Canine Cross Country. To the purist, UK Athletics defines cross country as - “ races that are held off-road and take place in the winter, outside of the track and field season. The courses can be flat, hilly, undulating on grass or muddy terrain. Even the same course can become a very different test as the weather and conditions underfoot change. As such, while times are usually taken, there are no rankings for any given distance. Events can be over a range of distances, the length of races usually being dependent on the age group competing.”
  4. Running consistently on a hard surface will mean gaining an unfair speed advantage, we will probably notice it and more than likely have a discreet private word initially.
  5. Competing consistently on a hard surface is also a threat canine welfare point of view. 
  6. However, we recognise competitors live in different environments and the league is run based on sportsmanship and an honour system. So there is an element of facilitating participation vs deliberate gaming the spirit of the league which is contrary to good sportsmanship.
  7. Therefore the responsibility of the participant is to minimise racing on speed advantageous terrain generally defined as an unnatural surface that is deliberately fashioned by humans.
  8. This is transcribed as avoiding tracktype Grade 1 , limiting Grade 2 runs and attempting to maximise run / racing on grades 3 through 6

The League defines terrain into 6 grades. These are generally in line wilth Openstreetmap in order for the league to validate course terrain from GPX files submitted from time to time




Description Example
1 1.0 Solid. Usually a paved or sealed surface.
2 1.1 Solid but unpaved. Usually an unpaved track with surface of gravel.
3 1.2 Mostly solid.
Even mixture of hard and soft materials.
Almost always an unpaved track.
4 1.3 Mostly soft. Almost always an unpaved track prominently with soil/sand/grass, but with some hard or compacted materials mixed in.
5 1.4 Soft. Almost always an unimproved track lacking hard materials, same as surrounding soil.
6 1.5 Grade 5 + Obstacles / Exposure to Risk /  Technical


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