Knowledge Base - Downhill Running

  1. Downhill running,is a canicross skill that, can be without sufficient experience of training, pose a danger to both human and dog.
  2. Selection of race routes should preferably be a loop or out and back so any gradients are self cancelling, (unless you are wanting to compete for climbing points).
  3. Single direction routes are permissible. However should the organisers and/or league adjudicators identify a consistent trend of races with significant elevation loss, (we would define as a gradient equal to or exceeding -2%), The ruling adjudicators would initially request a participant to submit their next result with a climb that would bring their nett elevation closer to zero over their total overall submissions.
  4. The -2% nett gradient limit does not mean that a downhill run may be a linear gradient. There must be an effort to include sufficient altitude changes both up and down to create an adequately challenging route.
  5. Should the competitor refuse to comply with the adjudicators request then the league will remove sufficient valid previous submissions until there is a nett overall elevation loss of less than -2%
  6. In summary, try and run out and back or a loop otherwise competitors must accept closer scrutiny of the course elevation characteristics to make sure there is no gaming of the rules or spirit of participation in the league.


Created : 2021-01-19 20:15:24, Last Modified : 2022-02-08 06:11:18