Knowledge Base - Safety, Equipment & Cautionary

  1. As a human runner, an appropriate sport approved harness should be worn.
  2. It's important to stay alert while running outdoors.
  3. Don't wear headphones or earbuds or anything else that might make you less aware of your surroundings.
  4. Staying safe while running involves the same common sense used to stay safe anywhere else, like avoiding parked cars and dark areas, and taking note of who is behind you and ahead of you.
  5. Runners should carry a few essentials, such as:
    1. a form of identification
    2. a mobile phone
    3. a whistle to blow to attract attention if you're hurt or in a situation where you don't feel safe
  6. Other safety tips:
    1. Run during daylight hours, if possible.
    2. If you have to run in bad daylight
      1. Avoid dimly lit areas
      2. wear bright and/or reflective clothes on yourself and dog(s)
  7. Ensure you wear a head torch with a fully charged battery
  8. A rear reflector / led red light is advisable.
  9. Canicross should be run-off road.
    1. If you must run on a road keep to a pavement or shoulder of a road, if possible.
    2. Run facing oncoming cars.
  10. Always give way to vehicles at intersections. Don't assume that cars will stop for you.
  11. Obey all traffic rules and signals.
  12. Only run through neighbourhoods and parks and on trails known to be safe.
  13. Its always best to run with a friend, if possible.
    1. If you do run alone with your dog(s) let someone know
      1. Where you are going.
      2. How long you are gone for.
    2. Dress for the weather. In cold weather, wear layers of sweat-wicking fabric, a hat, and gloves. On hot days, bring extra water and wear light-colored clothing and a hat.
    3. Stop running if you feel faint or sick in any way, or if your dog starts to limp or displays signs of distress.
  14. Any participant found contravening WADA anti-doping guidelines (we are serious) both or either themselves and/or their dog(s) in any way shape or form, shall be subject to (if proven, as a minimum) an irrevocable lifetime ban from the league and its evolutions. Exemptions for therapeutic use are taken into account
  15. In the event of any dispute the decision of the organisers shall be final.
    1. Please ensure that the mobile phone you carry is programmed with details of an emergency Vet in operation in the area run your virtual race.



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