Knowledge Base - Temperature

  1. The minimum and maximum temperatures and humidity shall be noted during a virtual race.
  2. Humidity effects actual temperature and the relationship between these two variables will be measured by Apparent Temperature
  3. Given the minimum and maximum, trail condition and local circumstance these rules and Apparent Temperature Chart must be used to make decisions for the well-being of the dog(s).
  4. Competitors shall not exceed the running temperatures for their dogs per the chart below. A dog’s durability in the environment varies between breed. However the chart should be viewed as guidance but also the maximum limit for the most heat tolerant of canines.
  5. Dogs shall not be harnessed and/or run when the actual temperature exceeds 22°C or at or above 22°C apparent temperature as per the red shaded area of the Canicross section ono  th  Apparent temperature chart.
  6. It is recommended that distances are shortened when apparent temperature reaches between 18 –21.5°C as per the yellow shaded area of the Canicross section of the Apparent temperature chart.
  7. Full distances are possible for most breeds fo all temperatures within the green shaded area of the Canicross section of the Apparent temperature chart.
  8. Depending on the race trail (i.e.large section under the sun) or other facts, the competitor should consider shorter distances or other measures, even if the maximum temperatures are not reached.
  9. The Apparent Temperature chart shows the relationship between actual temperature and relative humidity. That is; the effect humidity has upon the actual temperature (it assumes the wind speed is 0).To use this chart at a race:
    1. Assess the temperature and humidity
    2. Along the x axis of the chart locate the temperature and on the y axis the humidity
    3. Example:
      1. The actual temperature to be 10°C and the humidity is 45%. The Apparent Temp is therefore 7.5°C(in the green zone) and it is recommended a heat can run full distance.



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