Welcome to World League Canicross

One Run
Either a virtual race or real time competition. It doesn't matter. You score WLC points in multiple leagues and competitions from a single run. Points are calculated so everyone competes equally irrespective of age or gender.
Virtual Racing
We also run virtual races this includes Lands End to John O'Groats, Cross Continental Cani-Climb, Monthly Virtual Races across the Globe, and the infamous Polar Nansen Dash Team Race.
5Km Boot Camp
Whether its couch to 5Km, intermmediate improvers, or 5Km speedsters. We have a training plan and support to help you become the best canicrosser you can be.
19 Leagues !
Everytime you make a run submission we take that run data and classify it into qualifying tables - 10 distance zone tables... General Classification, Endurance, Sprint, Middle Distance, Long Distance Off Season, Recreation, Monarch of the Mountains and Hexathlon !
Knockout Tournament
Probably THE hardest bracketed canicross tournaments there is ! A handicapped competition to win the highly prized LCC Cup. Literally anyone can win, with edge of the seat one on one racing !

Competition Examples...

General Classification
The GC champion has the highest season base points average.
Monarch of the Mountains
Arguably one of the toughest classifications. Any run over 1.8Km qualifies for special climbing points. This is calculated as a function of base points & elevation gain gradient
This classification takes your base points for distances 1 & 1.5Km and formats them in to a ranked league.
Any run of 5Km or over qualifies for special endurance points. This is calculated as a function of base points & distance up to 15Km
Your series of runs are also included in the Hexathlon. A series of 6 events (Sprint, Middle Distance, Long Distance, Climb, Endurance and Off-Season) The purpose of the Hexathlon is a 6 event test of you and your dog(s) all-round capabilities.
At the end of the season you will have earned a points handicap. This allows you to participate on a level playing field knockout tournament. You have an equal chance to walk away as a champion !